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Bio-Degradable Eco-Friendly
Disposable Paper Straws

Yes we do this right here in India and export globally in quantities in multiples of 1000’s to meet the every increasing needs of the hotels, resturants, food industry, hospitals, individuals and beverage companies.

We Manufacture Paper Straws & Deal in Paper Cups, Paper Bags, Areca Items and other single use paper and natural disposable items. We have our Mumbai based plant in Bhiwandi. Soon we have plans to expand.

Currently we are exporting to 7 countries.

Help us save our planet Earth. Stop usage of single-use plastic. 

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Our Pledge

  • To manufacture in India. Make in India.
  • To develop and manufacture environmentally friendly products.
  • Give back nature by planting 10 times more trees than consumed by our products.
  • Keep all our manufacturing process environmentally friendly.

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