Why RSJ?

Our Pledge

Our pledge is to end the usage of plastic straws that take 500 years to decompose and harmful to the nature.

Plastic straws and single use plastic products that we use and throw after single use ends up in landfills or our oceans.

This plastic waste takes 500 years to decompose. They slowly fragment into smaller and smaller plastics called microplastics which fish and marine mistake it for food, injesting the plastic. It is also dangerous as it releases toxic chemicals like bisphenol – A (BPA) when it breaks down. Its very harmful toxins. 

Join our pledge and lets save our beautiful planet. 


Eco-Friendly Paper Straws Manufactured here in India.

Why RSJ?

By providing a quality product and having experienced knowledge of the market, we have able to satisfy all our clients

Factors responsible for our success are as follows:

  • High quality control
  • Timely completion of orders
  • Transparent business dealing
  • Extra support for our clients
  • Market leading prices and many more…

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